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What kind of payment methods do you accept?

For now we only accept paypal. It's easier to deal with.
Later on in the future however, we will be accepting Anypay, and E-gold.

Are these paid signups actually guranteed?

Of course they are! In fact we are so sure that you will receive signups for your program, or we will offer you 6 months of free advertising at Advertisers' Haven absoultley free.

Where do you get these referrals from?

We have over 7,000 members who enjoy getting paid to sign up for your program(s).

What kind of programs can I purchase referrals for?

We can no longer offer Signups and referrals for paid programs because of our poor response rates from people to join these tyeps of programs. We now only offer referrals for programs that are free like Get Paid to Read Programs, or Programs with free trials like 1 Heluva.

Click here for the price rates.

How fast do I receive my referrals?

3 days at the fastest. 3 months at the most.
Of course we state, it depends on the program and it's appeal to our members. So when you send us your ad info make sure it's detailed and appealing!